Have Fun With Your Kids at Any Price Point

With kids spending so much time on the screens, it has become hard to get them to do other activities. However, at different price points, you can find entertaining things to do that both of you will enjoy and get them away from screens.

1. Low-price points

a. Go for a picnic
You can have a picnic at a public beach or park. Most of the time, these public locations are free. All you need is to pack a light lunch and be on your way. When you get to the beach, you can let them collect rocks and paint them and use the decorative rocks in their rooms. You can take a walk in the park, fly a kite or ride a bike.

b. Grow plants
Kids enjoy getting their hands dirty, and this is one non-costly activity they will love. All you need to do is secure is a small land in your backyard or the patio. Get plants from the shop and start digging. This will teach your kid patience and responsibility. You can also get a pot and plant some indoor plants. Visit your local florist and get some flowers for decorating the room. Go as far as letting them name the plants and owning them. The sense of ownership will make them go the extra mile of taking care of the plants and watching them grow.

c. Volunteer at a nearby animal shelter

Volunteering is an excellent way to teach your kids about giving back to the community from a young age. This activity will cost you absolutely nothing, and the animal shelters are always looking for an extra set of hands. They can do simple tasks like feeding the animals and petting them. They will like the idea and might even decide to adopt the animals and learn some responsibility while at it.

d. Do some DIY activities
DIY projects are always fun to do, and most of them can be done using material that is already in the house. It can be building a kite, decorating the flower vases, or painting the pots for the plant. Find some house materials that can make costume jewelry and help your child make a bracelet or a necklace. You can also come up with a simple meal together or give them simple tasks like heating food in the microwave as long as you monitor them. Through this, you may discover a talent that your kid has and help them grow it.

e. Play sports together
Kids enjoy different sports. If your kids are on a sports team in school, you can help them at home practicing. Even if you are terrible at the sport, they will enjoy the game by making fun of your terrible skills. They will also feel that you are concerned about their interest.

f. Read a book together
Kids love stories, especially when they are getting them from adults. They will be eager to read more books, and as they grow, they develop a reading culture. Introduce them to the library and let them pick age-appropriate books of their choice.

g. Donate stuff for charity
Sometimes you will find stuff in your house that you no longer use, but you cannot seem to throw them away because they are in good shape. It could be clothes, dishes or old furniture. You can tell your kids to donate some of their toys and clothes too. Donating this stuff helps your kids become kind and empathize with the less fortunate.

h. Practice general hygiene
Cleaning the house together, doing the dishes, and taking the trash out can be a way of bonding with your kids. Go as far as playing some music and dancing while doing the chores to associate doing tasks with fun. Let them also practice some personal hygiene like doing their laundry and cleaning their room. For the younger kids, they can practice dental care over a song as a fun thing.

i. Do some arts and crafts
Buy some crayons, colored pencils, and paint to help the child get as creative as possible. Do some screen printing and involve yourself in this activity by helping pick out the colors, passing something to them, or help cut papers. It may be a comfort zone for the child, meaning they will associate the activity as a bonding period.

j. Help them learn a new skill
This will only cost you your time. You can teach them how to ride a bicycle or drive a car if they are old enough. Another vital skill that you can teach them from an early stage is saving and good use of money. If there is something that they want to get for themselves, let them save up to teach them patience and the value of money.

k. Have a game night
Set aside one day of the week to play some games like charades, monopoly, and telling tongue twisters. These are fun ways that the kid will unwind and enjoy.

l. Set up a lemonade stand
Make lemonade together and help them set a stand in the neighborhood. This is done if they want to raise money for something. They will learn the importance of money as they enjoy the activity.

m. Exercise together

This activity is only suitable for kids who actually want to exercise. Exercise requires discipline, and so forcing your kid into this will make them resent it. Make it as fun as possible by having music in the background as you work out to feel like a fun task.

n. Do simple science experiments
Some simple science experiments that you can do in the house involve mixing baking powder and vinegar. The experiment is safe and fun to watch. Kids are adventurous and will want to keep trying different products. Insist that all experiments are to be done with an adult present to avoid accidents.

2. Mid Price Points

a. Paint the house
You can decide to repaint the house together. You will have to buy paint for this activity, but it is not costly since you and the kids are all the labor you need. Let the kids choose what color they would like for the rooms. They will love the activity even more.

b. Go bowling
Visit a bowling alley with your family and enjoy yourselves. You can even split into two teams for some light competition. The kids will love it, and some may even grow into it and play professionally.

c. Visit the hair salon
For mums, you can visit the hair salon with your daughters and get your hair and make-up done. The girls will come out of the salon feeling good about themselves, which will boost their self-esteem.

d. Take a road trip
Here you need to fuel your car and have a destination in mind. This is a good chance to bond with your kids, get to know what they have been up to. Make it even more fun by playing music and singing along to it. Also, make stops from time to time and ensure that the kids stretch their legs, grab something to eat, and enjoy the scenery.

e. Have a family photoshoot
Hire a photographer to take photos for the family. Make the session as fun as possible by doing cheesy and goofy pauses. Both you and the kids will love it, and at the same time, you will be creating memories as a family.

f. Go camping
Have a change from the usual scenery and go have fun under the stars by setting the weekend aside for camping. You can assign tasks to your kids like collecting firewood, serving the food, and setting up the tent. Assigning roles to the kids gives them a sense of responsibility and achievement once the tasks are completed.

g. Visit a children’s museum
A lot of childrens museums are educative as much as they are fun. You may find resources there that spark will your child’s imagination. Museums also help children to make sense of their environment through exhibits.

h. Visit a National Park

Visiting the national park is a fun activity that both you and the kids will enjoy. Kids learn about the conservation of animals and the environment while also seeing different species of animals and plants.

i. Take a cooking class together
Cooking is a skill that everyone requires. You can take a class together with your child, whether it’s a baking class or just regular meals. If the kid shows interest in it, enroll them in an advanced level as they may decide to it professionally.

j. Go to a carnival
Visit a kid’s friendly carnival and participate in some fun activities like face painting. Some carnivals are held to raise funds for a cause, so this is a fun way to teach your kids about giving back.

k. Take a pottery class together
You can be able to tell if your kid is artistic and in what field. Kids who enjoy working with plasticine to make models of items may be interested in pottery. Kids are always looking for a chance to get their hands dirty, so this is something they will enjoy.

l. Go thrift shopping for clothes and other items
Visit a thrift shop or a flea market and see what items you will like. Let the kids pick clothes that they actually like; it will give them a sense of independence. You can also choose items for the house together, like dishes, seats, or old picture frames.

m. Go to a family concert
But tickets and go to an age-appropriate concert. The kids will most likely want to do this as it is a change from the usual weekly activities. Get to dancing with your children and sing along to songs.

3. High price points

a. Go for a vacation
Take a vacation during the holiday season. Travel to a different country or region away from home. It is a chance to rest from the usual activities like school and work and bond with the family. Vacations are when you have more time together as a family, and you can find fun activities to do together. It is essential to ask the children what destinations they would prefer and go to such places. It makes the children feel they have a say in decision-making.

b. Get a spa day
Book a spa day for the whole family for relaxation. Get personal care treatments like massages and facials. The activity is more suited for older children as they will appreciate it more. You can also set the spa day as a reward for a goal achieved, like graduation or passing exams.

c. Go horseback riding

Parents and their children can bond when riding horses. Should you note that your kid has shown interest in horses, then both of you can visit a ranch and enjoy this activity. Ensure there is constant monitoring, especially if the kids are young. Kids who take an interest in horse riding can grow into professional riders and participate in competitions.

d. Skiing
Skiing is a fun activity that you can enjoy with the kids. It is a bit pricey since you need to travel to the resort and rent or buy skiing equipment; however, the experience is worth it. Have some friendly family competition and see who will win.

e. Take a cruise
Choose a holiday and take a cruise for the holidays. You will do various activities on the ship like swimming, shopping, having meals, and playing games. Since there is nowhere to go, you can spend time doing these activities with the children as you enjoy the view of the ocean.

f. Redecorate the house
Involve the kids in the redecorating of the house. Both the parents and children can make a plan of what they would like to change. As a family, pick colors for repainting the rooms and the new furniture. Involving the kids in such decision-making matters makes them feel important and their views respected.

Most of these activities cost little or no money, you only need to instill the value of doing activities away from the screen at an early age, and the kids grow into it.

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