Are You Getting Ready to Sell Your Small Business?

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You keep missing the football games!
Seven years ago when you bought the small gift boutique the business plan that you had fit perfectly into your schedule. You could take your only daughter to school and then go in and open the shop. You were able to run the store by yourself for the rest of the morning and afternoon and you only needed to hire someone to come in for the last three to four hours that the store was open. You loved ordering the new items and setting up the displays, and you really enjoyed working with the customers.
Now, however, your schedule is very different. Your daughter is now in her second year in college and you hate the idea of being stuck at the store on the Saturday mornings when she is able to come home. On the Saturdays during football season, though, the schedule of owning the shop is even more limiting. You daughter is on the dance squad for the Division I football team and you really want to at least go to the home games and watch her perform. You also love football and you are tired of being at work on Saturdays when you could be on campus tailgating, watching the game and the dance squad, and meeting up with both your friends and the college age friends of your daughter’s.
You have finally decided that enough is enough and you are looking for help selling a business that has a great customer base and an inventory of products that are selling really well. You figure if you can get help selling a business that is already doing really well you can transition into another part time career that still allows you to make money, but will require less of your time.
Small Business Owners Need Help Selling a Business and Marketing It to Just the Right Audience

Even though you might be a great business owner, when it comes time to make a change you may not understand the process of selling a company. The decision to work with a business broker, however, is often the very best solution. Finding the right buyer is often a matter of making sure that you have accurately priced your company and have found a way to discreetly offer it for sale so that you do not scare off the current cliental that you have.
At any given time there are approximately 15 prospective buyers on the market for every one businesses listed for sale. The secret to connecting with those buyers, though, is finding a way to list your business to interested buyers without alarming your current customers. With nearly nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S., it should come as no surprise that there is an entire real estate industry that is focused on connecting potential buyers with sellers.
What are you waiting for? College football season is in full swing and if you do not want to miss any more games, you need to begin the process of getting your business listed and finding the best potential candidates who might be interested in your property.

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