Are You Looking for a Way to Direct People Coming Into a Large Unfamiliar Space?

Wall mounted sign holder

Bat in the sanctuary.
We are holding this morning’s services in the small chapel.
The message on the metal display signs in front of the sanctuary caught you off guard when you and your family arrived for the 8:00 am Sunday worship service. Even though it was a surprise, however, the metal display signs did a great job of getting the necessary message out.
By the time people started arriving for the larger 9:30 and 11:00 am services, free standing signs had also been moved to all of the entrances as well. As each service began the pastor opened with two pretty effective jokes in reference to the morning’s event. First, he indicated that he was hoping that both he and the assistant pastor would be able to still call most of you by name when you came up for communion. The fact that none of the congregation members were sitting in the right seats had him a little off guard. The second joke was about how they planned to rid the sanctuary of the flying bat that had showed up this morning. The pastor indicated that following the three services, the pastors would perform the Rite of Confirmation, and that they then expected the bat to no longer aside.
All laughter aside, it was interesting that the service went as smoothly as it did, given that the chapel space is rarely used for a regular Sunday morning service, and the metal floor sign holders that were typically used for meeting locations served a great purpose in directing the congregation members.
Custom Retail Display Ideas Also Work in a Variety of Other Settings

Whether you are in charge of directing a group of Sunday morning church goers or you are in charge of marking the meeting spots for a large corporate event, metal sign holder stands are an effective means of communication. We have all been a guest or a trade show participant in a large unfamiliar space and understand the value of having the right kind of signs in all the right places. It likely comes as no surprise that full priced merchandise performed 18% better with signage than without, so it should make just as much sense that locations that are properly marked with the right kinds of signs will be noticed as well.
Even if you do not need to make an emergency announcement about a bat flying around in the sanctuary, your business or group will likely find many uses for metal display signs and other promotional devices. Consumers are exposed to an average of 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, so they are used to looking for signs for both directions and advice. Even if no bats are involved!

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