Are You Getting Ready to Sell the Family Business?

The small town print shop has been in the family for three generations. Making the transition from linotype, to cut and paste, and then to desktop publishing, the print shop has changed and adapted. Serving college students who used to spend Thursday nights at the light tables until their paper was put to bed or … Read more

Small Business Valuations and You — How You Can Estimate Your Small Business’s Actual Worth

Business valuations have long been a popular method of analyzing a business’ true value. Companies, usually smaller in size, seek these analysis out because it is one of very few indicators of a businesses’ success which is as accurate and thorough as it is. The measurements and calculations made are so sensitive that the very … Read more

How Often Should My Small Business Update Its Business Valuation?

While the current presidential debates continue to argue and disagree about the current state of the nation’s economy, the business sector itself still keeps moving along. In what may seem like an attempt to argue with itself, the numbers continue to go up in one area nearly as quickly they go down in another. In … Read more