Important Bank Lenders Decision Making Criteria

Banks are in the business of making money. They borrow money from investors to invest in additional money making opportunities. However, the success of a bank requires that the bank make good financial decisions. Good financial decisions mean careful consideration of loan requests. Providing a loan to someone who is likely to be unable to … Read more

Business Valuation For Buying, Selling or Expanding a Business

When people trust their bank, they are more likely to remain with that bank throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, when they need a business loan, they are more likely to approach their existing bank rather than open a new account elsewhere. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to choose a bank that … Read more

Small Business Valuations and You — How You Can Estimate Your Small Business’s Actual Worth

Business valuations have long been a popular method of analyzing a business’ true value. Companies, usually smaller in size, seek these analysis out because it is one of very few indicators of a businesses’ success which is as accurate and thorough as it is. The measurements and calculations made are so sensitive that the very … Read more