How Often Does Your Company Write Payroll Cheques?

The advertising spots on local television and radio stations make it apparent that the holidays are fast approaching. In the midwest, Omaha Steaks is looking for temporary staff members to work very flexible hours in an effort to meet the increased orders leading up to the holidays. Trucking services hire part time staff to work … Read more

Looking for a Good Investment? Why Don’t You Try Real Estate?

Have you got a bit of nest egg squirreled away somewhere? Are you looking to sink your money into something worthwhile and that can generate an additional source of income? You might want to start considering real estate investments, particularly in commercial real estate. Though the market can fluctuate, real estate overall tends to be … Read more

Why So Many Are Choosed To Sell Their Structured Settlements

Structured settlements or annuity settlements are often seen as something that few of us will ever have to worry about. But surprisingly enough, many people each year end up with structured settlements — often resulting from lawsuit wins, but also occurring as the result of lottery wins. And though you may at first be thrilled … Read more

The Challenges of Payroll in Canada and How to Find Help Overcoming Them

We live and work in a global economy where outsourcing and expansion often go hand in hand. As a business owner, you only do yourself and your business a disservice by narrowing your resource pool to within the borders of the United States. Many U.S. firms are branching out over our northern border to leverage … Read more

Small Business Credit Card Services and Security

Credit card and debit card usage seems to be the top preferred form of payment today. People used to pay for their purchases with cash. However, today it is rare for people to even carry cash on them. Credit cards and debit cards provide a convenient and safer way of paying. If cash is lost, … Read more

Are You Getting Ready to Sell the Family Business?

The small town print shop has been in the family for three generations. Making the transition from linotype, to cut and paste, and then to desktop publishing, the print shop has changed and adapted. Serving college students who used to spend Thursday nights at the light tables until their paper was put to bed or … Read more

How Long Ago Did You Earn Your First Paycheck?

Do you remember that joy of your first ever paycheck? You may have been in college working your first summer job after years of long high school gymnastics or basketball practices that kept you from working. You may have just been a young teenager mowing five different lawns for your neighbors. You may have been … Read more