Can Business Valuation Software Determine Business Value?

Business valuation software is an effective resource used to determine the inherent monetary value of a company. Company valuation tools are needed for a variety of reasons, including securing financing, showing growth patterns to investors, and determining growth viability. Getting Started There are two important steps in the process of business valuation. First, it is … Read more

5 Functions of a Prime Broker

Ever wondered what the high class, elites of society do with all their cash? Well, a lot of different things, for starters. But one of the things many people with large vasts of wealth engage in is prime brokerage services for professional traders. The people who work for these companies are what’s known as prime … Read more

Would Outsourcing Small Business Payroll Services Save You TIme?

The new gymnastics center was ready on the scheduled date. On May 1, 2016, your family owned business started offering classes at a second building. Located nearly 15 miles from the site of the first building, you anticipated that the new center would serve an entire new group of children. You anticipated that expanding the … Read more

Commercial Real Estate in America Remains a Viable, Complex Market for Savvy Investing Firms

As newly-minted American investors debate whether to invest in biotech startups or in commercial properties, established real estate investment firms continue to offer their clients solid investment returns on strongly-considered commercial real estate portfolios. Although “do it yourself” investment websites continue to proliferate online, investing in real estate may be a decision-making — and risk-taking … Read more

Why Declaring Bankruptcy Isn’t the Only Option

Did you know that in an average month, over 3,000 people are likely to file for bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a difficult process. When you declare bankruptcy, you Have to pay court fees — even though you?re already out of money Usually have to hire a lawyer May need to sell off property like your car … Read more

Small Business Valuations and You — How You Can Estimate Your Small Business’s Actual Worth

Business valuations have long been a popular method of analyzing a business’ true value. Companies, usually smaller in size, seek these analysis out because it is one of very few indicators of a businesses’ success which is as accurate and thorough as it is. The measurements and calculations made are so sensitive that the very … Read more

How Often Should My Small Business Update Its Business Valuation?

While the current presidential debates continue to argue and disagree about the current state of the nation’s economy, the business sector itself still keeps moving along. In what may seem like an attempt to argue with itself, the numbers continue to go up in one area nearly as quickly they go down in another. In … Read more

Why Wait? Lottery Winners Looking to Sell Their Annuities in Favor of a Lump Sum Payout

There are a lot of stories in the media about lottery winners who successfully invested their lottery lump sum payout, but new lotto winners might wonder how to get started as investors. Some lottery winners opt for an extended payment plan called an annuity, but may find that they want to be able to put … Read more

What Should I Do If I Win the Lottery?

A year long family pass to both Disney World and Disneyland, including meals and lodging for the days you visit the park. A mountain lodge near Breckinridge so that you can visit whenever you want for skiing, viewing the fall colors, and summer vacation days away from the city. A Mediterranean cruise with unlimited stops … Read more