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An Interview with Brian Good, Partner of DGK Group, P.C. Financial Services

DGK Group, P.C. provides accounting, tax, and financial management solutions to the Philadelphia area. As certified public accountants and consultants, they help clients overcome accounting challenges and create a better organized financial plan. Today, we had the opportunity to chat with Brian Good, a partner of DGK Group, P.C., about the company’s origins, and his contributions as a partner.

Mr. Good, can you tell us a bit about the background of DGK?

DGK origins are imbedded in two legacy CPA firms established in 1990 and 2000, respectively. As a result, we have a long tradition of exceeding client expectations. Today, we provide tax, accounting, financial management solutions and, through our sister company -– DGK Group Financial Advisors -– financial services and products.

Sounds like your company has a history of success. What path led you to DGK Group?

I have a secondary education, CPA, participate in on-going continuing education, and have specific industry designations, such as CGMA and financial services licenses. I was certified in 1991.

It seems like you’re more than adequately prepared to handle the job. What’s the best part about working for DGK Group?

Work is work; working with those you enjoy working with makes it better, including our clients.

Good point. What’s been a positive point in your career?

I enjoy tax mitigation services – what business owner doesn’t enjoy putting more money back into his pocket, or to invest back in his or her business rather than turning it over the federal, state or local tax jurisdictions?

DGK Group, P.C. is located at 128 York Road, Warminster, PA. For more information about their services, go to, email, or call (215) 682-9047.

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