The 3 Most Common Questions About Structured Settlements — and Their Answers

Involved in a legal suit like a personal injury or medical malpractice case? If so, then it’s very likely you won’t receive your settlement money all at once. Instead, you will most likely receive a structured settlement, which pays you a small portion of your settlement money over a period of several years or even … Read more

Why Insurance Is So Important To Family Owned Farms

Farming is one of the few industries that’s yet to be taken over by major, faceless corporations. Even now, about 97% of American farms are owned by families … from family partnerships to individuals to corporations owned and operated by families. That’s a lot of responsibility for people to undertake, especially in the cases of … Read more

The Advantages of Selling Structures Settlement Payments

Structured settlement payments are extremely common – they are awarded as a matter of routine as a consequence of legal suits and lottery payouts. When it comes to lawsuits, it has been found that more 80% of cases end up with a financial settlement. Similarly, most lottery payments, jackpots and annuity schemes also come in … Read more

Financial Issues Plaguing Small Business Owners

Small business owners are more than often inexperienced when it comes to business experience. Balancing books and ensuring that one’s business stays afloat only scratches the surface of jobs that business owners have to juggle. Those who manage their payroll in-house must total employee hours perform gross-to-net calculations per employee, calculate and deposit payroll taxes, … Read more

Understanding Small Cap, Micro Cap and Nano Cap Stocks

Most American are interested in good investment opportunities.  The United States has the largest market globally of stocks — 34%.  Just before the “great recession” hit in 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA or “Dow”) saw its largest increase in its history, it had added 900 points.  The Dow monitors the top 30 publicly-traded … Read more

Understanding the Active World of Commercial Real Estate

It’s no secret that the real estate industry has been under heavy fire in recent years. Mention “real estate,” and most investors run for the hills. In the past, this was a intelligent choice. However, is important in any type of investing to understand industry landscapes. There are always pockets of growth, ripe with valuable … Read more

3 of the Weirdest Ways People Have Lost Their Lottery Winnings

After you win the lottery, you have two, very important decisions to make. Do you want to receive your winnings as a lottery lump sum payout, or as a lottery annuity settlement? And how are you going to spend that lump sum, or those annuity payments? Although there’s no clearly wrong decision with the first … Read more

Deferred Annuities Vs Income Annuities Do You Know as Much as You Should?

New to annuities and annuity settlements? You’re not alone — most Americans have no idea what an annuity is, let alone how beneficial these annuities can be when saving for retirement or trying to keep up with retirement expenses. With an annuity, you are able to set up a source of income that lasts for … Read more