How Does Bail Actually Work?

Bail is often the only way the average person can stay out of jail while awaiting a trial. Here are more facts about how bail works and how bail bondsmen are important from the YouTube channel BailBidder.

The bail amount is determined by a judge.

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It’s figured out based on an arrested person’s past criminal history, how serious the alleged crime is if the arrested person is considered a risk to public safety, and how much of a flight risk the person appears to be. If the arrested person is rich, bail is paid immediately.

Other people need to get their bail paid through a bail bond. A person contacts a bail bondsman, also called a bail agent, to arrange bail. The bail agent sets up the bail bond and makes sure the arrested person charged arrives for any court dates. The bail bondsman’s company pays the pail. The arrested person pays the bail back to the bail bond company. This amount is usually far more than the original bail. In Colorado, for example, bail bond companies are legally allowed to charge up to fifteen percent of the bail as additional fees. Some states like Kansas have no maximum rates and charge as much as they want.

There are online sites like to compare rates from bail bond companies.

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