What Are the Basics of Creating an Estate Plan?

Whether you have a large number of assets to your name or just a few, it’s important to consider how estate planners can help you. Estate planning might not seem like something you need to worry about, but the truth is that it can be massively helpful not only for you but for the family members who succeed you.

The first thing you need to know is that estate planning isn’t just about planning for death. This process also encompasses planning for disability or incapacity.

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Estate planning, simply put, helps ensure that your wishes are honored if/when something happens that prevents you from carrying them out yourself.

Another thing that estate planning can help you do is provide for both yourself and your loved ones in the event that you’re unable to work anymore. Whether through death, disability, or incapacity, your estate plan can detail how you want your assets to be divided. It’s also a great tool to help you memorialize your legacy after you’ve passed on.

Overall, the benefits of estate planning far outweigh the costs. It’s well worth your time to take estate planning into account and get your affairs in order.


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