A One-Time Donation to These Charities Can Change Lives

In a world of inequality and hardship, a single act of generosity can ripple into a life-altering wave. Charitable donations, regardless of how small, have the power to address some of the most urgent issues facing humanity. From poverty and hunger to lack of education and healthcare, charities tackle many challenges that can otherwise seem insurmountable.

This article explores a selection of charities where your one-time donation could make a significant difference. But with over 1.4 million public charities in the US, according to Statista, we will only go through the ten most notable ones. Read on and discover how you can help transform lives, empower communities, and bring about enduring change in the world.

1. Save the Children

As the world’s leading independent organization for children, Save the Children is dedicated to improving the lives of young ones. The organization was established in London, UK, in April 1919, when Eglantyne Jebb launched the Save the Children Fun. Today, it operates in over 120 countries, as established by CHS Alliance, and focuses on various issues affecting children. These issues include healthcare, early childhood education, child protection, food, and shelter opportunities.

Save the Children works with local communities and partners to create sustainable solutions that benefit children now and in the future. According to their website, over 10 million children have directly benefited from their programs in 2019 alone. But don’t just take our word for it; here is a snapshot of their initiatives.

According to their Global Health page, their health efforts have reached over 33 million children. This achievement has been made possible through various programs, including adolescent and child health, HIV and AIDS, school health and nutrition, and maternal and reproductive health. Moreover, their education programs have been a phenomenal success.

Their 2022 annual report reported that their efforts in that year had helped 9 million children access quality education. Of these, 4.5 million were girls from poor backgrounds. With such programs in place, your one-time donation can help more children enroll, stay in school, and build better lives for themselves and their communities.


You have probably heard of eating disorders, but do you know how far-reaching and severe the consequences can be? According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, about 28.8 million Americans, or 9% of the population, will experience an eating disorder during their lifetime. Globally, about 9% of the population suffers from these disorders, mostly adolescent girls.

Moreover, eating disorders directly result in 10,200 deaths yearly. The economic cost for those suffering from such conditions is about $64.7 billion annually. That means it burdens families, most of whom can’t afford the necessary care, and here is where FEAST comes in.

FEAST stands for Families Empowered & Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders. It is a global organization that helps families support children who suffer from eating disorders. They provide education, advocacy, and mutual aid. Their efforts also support treatment and research at numerous adolescent eating disorder treatment centers.

The organization mostly relies on donations from well-wishers to run its programs and assist families worldwide. So, if children’s well-being is close to your heart, consider donating to the charity. Your one-time donation will go a long way in enabling FEAST to continue its noble work.

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3. The PTSD Foundation of America

The PTSD Foundation of America is a nonprofit organization that caters to veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Their main aim is to reduce the suicide rate among veterans and offer them hope for a brighter future. The organization began in 2005 as a grassroots effort by concerned volunteers who sought out homeless veterans.

The group would passionately scour the streets of Houston regularly with a vision of reducing veteran suicide rates that have skyrocketed over the years. According to a Veteran Affairs report, the number of suicides rose to 6,796 in 2018 from 6,001 in 2001. In total, over 80,000 have died due to suicide, which is 20,000 more than those lost in Vietnam.

The foundation operates on three fronts: Camp Hope, outreach programs, and peer-to-peer support. The vets may also get a one-on-one session with a PTSD psychiatrist if needed. With over 100 volunteers at their disposal, the organization has provided help to over 16,000 combat veterans in over a decade. Over 1,800 have found a new sense of purpose, earned college degrees, and even found employment. They have also become financially independent, been reunified with their families, adjusted well, and reintegrated into society.

While the efforts of The PTSD Foundation have borne incredible results, they still need funds to continue their work effectively. Even a one-time donation on your part could enable them to continue providing much-needed support for struggling veterans. Ultimately, every little bit helps.


SCUFF (Scar Cover Up Freedom Fund) is a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of violence and self-harm cover their scars with tattoos. They are fully funded by public donations and conduct fundraisers on their social media pages. Scuff is run by volunteers who always need help and support.

Being an ex-self-harmer herself, SCUFF’s founder, Jessy, knows the struggles of living with scars. She also understands mental health and how it plays a role in self-harm since she, too, lives with borderline personality disorder. By applying a scar camouflage tattoo, SCUFF wishes to give survivors their self-confidence and freedom back.

If you would like to help this organization achieve its goals, you could donate a small amount as a one-time donation through their website. You can also follow them on their social media pages and spread the word about their cause. Every little bit of support counts in helping these survivors heal both physically and mentally.

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5. Dollar For

Doller For is a nonprofit organization that aims to crush medical bills by helping various patients access charity care. But what is charity care? It is the process where hospitals offer bill forgiveness and discounts based on income. For instance, a hospital bill amounting to $15000 could turn into a $150 or $0 bill based on the patient’s income and financial status.

Also referred to as financial aid, hospital financial assistance, and discount programs, is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act. This law acts as a physician billing management system that requires all nonprofit hospitals to provide such programs in exchange for tax-exempt status. However, most patients remain unaware of this option or lack the necessary resources to navigate the process effectively.

According to a recent study by the LOWN Institute, 72% of nonprofit hospitals received more tax breaks than they spent on charity care. According to CNBC, as many as 41% of Americans struggle with medical debt and would benefit from such assistance. That is where The Dollar For comes in – they help increase awareness of charity care for patients. They also make it easy to access and fair for everyone. The organization raised money for this course through various avenues, including one-time donations and partnerships.

6. NeedyMeds

NeedyMeds is a nonprofit organization providing patients with free information regarding medication and cost savings schemes. These include medical grants, prescription and patient assistance, and other resources. They also provide educational information to help individuals understand their healthcare options and make informed decisions.

Their site also lists programs for affordable medical transportation services, including transporting oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment. These efforts have proven quite successful, with their toll-free helpline receiving over 30,000 calls in the past year alone. Their website has also seen over 1.5 million visitors seeking various resources.

However, the organization currently faces closure due to a financial deficit. With their current financial realities, they risk losing their essential services. These include information on 5,000+ medication savings programs and details of 18,000+ low-cost clinics. The organization seeks aid in this critical moment to help keep its services running. Their donation page allows for one-time donations and even lets you set up automatic monthly donations if preferred.

7. Charitable Smiles

Did you know that most Americans suffer a silent dental care crisis? According to a report by PBS, about 100 million Americans can’t afford much-needed dental care. Charitable Smiles seeks to change this by helping people who can’t afford dental care get the treatment they need.

Founded in 2016 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the nonprofit assists by pairing patients with volunteer participating dentists. Their model works with existing dental practices and dentists to avoid the wastage of funds on constructing new infrastructure, clinics, and practices. This measure means that every dollar raised goes into actual treatment.

Their model of only volunteering their chair time has empowered many dentists to make a difference. In partnership with root canal dentists and other practices, they have provided dental care to over 7,2000 patients for every $1 million raised yearly. Their donation page accepts one-time donations through PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard. Your contribution could help someone access much-needed dental treatment and improve their health and well-being.

8. The Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society is among the US’s oldest and largest nonprofit legal services organizations. It was founded in 1876 to provide free legal aid to those unable to afford it. The society has over 900 lawyers spread across various locations in New York City, handling about 300,000 cases yearly.

The organization helps low-income New York City residents with civil legal matters, including housing, family law, immigration, etc. They also assist in empowering disabled people, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, and fighting racial inequality. Additionally, they pursue justice for juveniles, support survivors of violence, and help with navigating divorce. They have access to family law mediators who can help resolve disputes such as custody and visitation cases through mediation.

Moreover, they also assist in defending the accused and the incarcerated, especially the wrongfully incarcerated. According to the Georgia Innocence Project, about 4-6% of the US prison population are wrongfully convicted. The Legal Aid Society is working towards closing this gap and providing fair legal representation to all, regardless of their financial status. While the organization holds galas where they raise millions of dollars, one-time donations are also welcomed on their donation page.

9. The Legal Defense Fund

Established by Thurgood Marshall in 1940, the Legal Defense Fund is the foremost legal organization pursuing racial justice. Their team of attorneys fights for the rights of African Americans who have faced discrimination in various forms. These include employment discrimination, voting rights, education access, and more.

The organization’s efforts have played a significant role in landmark decisions, such as Brown v. Board of Education, which ended segregation in public schools. Their criminal defense lawyer continues to provide legal representation to those facing injustices, such as the wrongfully incarcerated. The Legal Defense Fund also offers educational programs and initiatives to empower communities and individuals with knowledge of their rights.

The organization relies heavily on donations to carry out its crucial work in pursuing racial justice. These contributions help provide legal services free of charge to those who need them most. You can make a difference by giving a one-time donation or even setting up automatic monthly donations through their donation page. Your contribution could help create a more just and equal society for all.

10. Farm Aid

In recent years, small and family farmers have faced numerous challenges threatening their livelihoods. These include rising production costs, climate change, and monopolization by large agribusiness corporations. In response, Farm Aid was founded in 1985 by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp to support family farmers facing such challenges.

Farm Aid is an annual benefit concert for American farmers. The organization works towards building a system of agriculture that values family farmers, good food, soil and water, and strong communities. They provide resources such as high quality mill liners, information, and advocacy for small farmers to help them stay on their land and continue to grow.

Additionally, they promote local and sustainable agriculture, focusing on supporting minority farmers. They also provide emergency support to those affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. Your contribution through one-time donations or even merchandise purchases can help strengthen family farms nationwide. Visit their donation page to make a difference and support the backbone of our food system.

The work of these organizations is just a small portion of the many nonprofit organizations working towards positively impacting society. Whether it’s through volunteering, one-time donations, or setting up regular contributions, every individual can make a difference and support causes they care about. These organizations rely on the generosity of donors to continue their crucial work, so consider giving back and supporting a cause that resonates with you.

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