10 Interesting Side Gigs to Make You Great Money

There’s nothing like a side gig to help you out in making great money. In fact, many people often have something on the side to help supplement their income, and this is a wonderful way to stay on top of expenses and debt. If you happen to have a side hustle that makes excellent money, then you’re even better off with this.

You may be reading this post and thinking that you may need a side hustle to generate more income since your day job just isn’t cutting it that well. For some people, their side gig that makes great money, with time, turns into their full-time company. They soon find they no longer need to work for a boss.

If this describes you, then this post will be of good use. It will help you with some excellent suggestions on side gigs that generate great money. Carry on reading to see these top 10 additional work opportunities that will make you the boss of your space.

1. Sell Flowers: Be a Florist

Who doesn’t like the smell and look of fresh, vibrant flowers? In fact, flowers are a beautiful and much-desired item on any occasion. If you have a passion for arranging flowers into beautiful bouquets and helping someone pick the best flowers for their special occasion, then why not become a florist?

As a florist, you could have the potential to make a profit of about $600 per week or about $17 per hour, according to Zip Recruiter. However, do bear in mind that every region is different, and the amount of flowers you sell each day also plays a role. One of the best ways to make your money as a local florist is to supply wedding flowers and flower designs and arrangements for other functions too. Selling your flowers in bulk is another wonderful and lucrative way to make great money in your side gig.

2. Become a Life Coach

Being a life coach is an excellent way to help people become the best versions of themselves. Not only can you help others, but you can also make great money from this helpful side venture. First things first, you should try and complete a course in life coaching to help you get to the fine detail and core of the subject so that you can effectively help others and improve their lives.

The thing about life is that it teaches us so many things, and as we learn, we gain experience. Many life coaches can speak from self-experience and thus are wonderful inspirations to others. There are many online courses that offer credible qualifications, which is a very important part of establishing yourself in this career, even if it’s just something you do on the side.

As a life coaching council or life coaching professional, you have the potential to earn great money. Some life coaches make as much as $75 and $200 per hour. You can arrange to do group talks, public speaking, and special life coaching sessions for companies that will hire you to talk to their teams.

3. Thrive as an Electronic Technician

Do you have a knack for fixing electrical items? Maybe you’re a professionally qualified electronic technician, or perhaps you’re not qualified but just a natural for all things electronics and technical. Being in this career or side hustle can be highly beneficial if this describes you..

A lot of people tend to throw old electronics away, but by recycling or repurposing them, you can help reduce your impact on the environment. If you are tech-savvy, you can have a side gig in technical electronics plus sell used electronics for extra income. When people give their old tech items away to be recycled; you may consider fixing those and reselling them at a lower price. In this way, you can help your local community to afford good appliances without the hefty price tag because the items are refurbished.

An electronic technician can earn from $15 to $36, with the median average being about $23, according to Indeed Jobs. If this is what you enjoy doing, why not make it your side hustle and start earning money for doing what you love? You’ll be glad you threw yourself into it!

4. Fix Cars as a Motor Mechanic

Do you love working on cars and find it fulfilling to help people with their car problems? Sometimes, motor vehicles can be unpredictable, and they can fail you at the worst times. Being your local area’s motor mechanic, supplying automobile services and repairs would be a wonderful thing. Besides, for your customers, it will be an even more special experience because the focus is on safety and reliability when they put their car into your care.

Fixing cars is a huge industry, and there will always be cars on the road; whether the future calls for self-driving automobiles, tinier smarter cars, or hybrid solutions to vehicles, being a motor mechanic will always be a high-demand job. With that comes job security and your ability to enjoy doing what you love and helping your clients. A motor mechanic has the potential to make great money and earn between $48,000 to $54,000 estimated on Salary.com. You can advertise your automobile services via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

5. Driveway Contractor

People all over the United States are happily looking to make their homes even better by adding additional upgrades that will increase their value. Becoming a driveway contractor can hold the opportunity to earn good money, as homebuyers, old and young are improving their properties all the time. You may not need a specific degree or qualification for this side gig, but having it does help. You have to know the skills of seal coating and other driveway techniques to do a good and successful job.

If you are new to sealcoating and driveway works, then you could also further expand your skills by slowly building a portfolio of previously completed work so your potential customers can see. Getting customer reviews is also very essential for any entrepreneur and their business. Driveway installations and repair specialists can earn, on average, between $17 and $27 an hour

6. Enjoy the Arts as a Tattoo Artist

Give your clients the best designs and unlock your creativity by becoming a tattoo artist and running your own tattoo studio. In the past, tattoos may have been frowned upon or reserved for criminals, but society has come a long way since those days. In modern days, tattoos have become very fashionable and even symbolic, with deeper meanings to some people. There are many well-respected tattoo artists like Scott Cambell, who is said to charge about $2,000 an hour, and his work is internationally renowned.

As a tattoo artist, you may have a special skillset in shading or working fine lines or even hand poked techniques. Either way, your ink skills will make great money. This is especially true now that it is in fashion and on-trend.

Depending on where your studio is located and your level of skills, tattoo artists can earn about $11 to $50 per hour. Take a famous artist like Paul Booth, a self-taught tattoo pro internationally renowned with an hourly rate of $400. and Kat Von D, one of the most famous female tattoo artists, said to charge a rate of about $200 an hour. You might not be one of these tattoo wizards, but surely, the industry and becoming a tattoo artist on the side can make you a healthy income the more you polish your technique and build your reputation.

7. Become a Landscaper

Do you love working in the garden? Some people enjoy gardening as a hobby, but why not go ahead and turn your much-loved pastime into a money-making side gig? Yes, there is great money to make when you help commercial and residential individuals get the best from their gardens through skillful landscaping.

Invest in gardening tools and machinery and offer services like remote lawn mowing and pruning services. You don’t need special skills for landscape and gardening services; however, learning a thing or two in addition may help you achieve an even better reputation given your skills and techniques. Professional landscapers can earn an estimate of $32,00 per year, or $15 an hour. Remember, the rate varies depending on where you’re located and the amount of work you do per project.

8. Express Your Love for Music, Become a Local DJ

Perhaps you enjoy good music and love playing for functions like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and more. You can advertise your wedding DJ service in your local area and have people book your DJ services for their functions. Being a DJ can also get some great money potential, and depending on the type of function, the duration, and the location, DJs can easily make an average hourly rate of $60. You may reserve your services for weekends when most people are looking to book music for their special occasions.

9. Be a Hair Stylist

You may have studied cosmetology or might even be naturally talented when it comes to hair. Most folks are self-taught, and others add the addition of a certificate to solidify their career. Still, you might not have known you’d be doing hair on the side and making good money, but here you are, and it works. Being a hairstylist will always be a high-demand sector, because who doesn’t want their hair done by a trained or, at the very least, experienced professional?

Your clients will book their haircut appointment with you, and you could use your free time to slot them in. Try and manage your time between the day job and your side gig and carry on earning great money while you continue making men and women happy with amazing haircuts, treatments, styles and more. On average, stylists can earn a good income between $28,000 on the low end, $55,000 on average, and on the high end of the scale, they can earn around $107,000 per year. Getting a degree in cosmetology and working your way from junior to master stylist is a fabulous way to make great money.

10. Art Investor

There are many people who appreciate the amazing and inspiring works of artists all over the world. As an art valuation specialist, you can help people set fair prices for the art pieces they’re looking to sell. Factors that art investors look for in art pieces include the style, medium, the era the painting was made, the location, and the overall quality, for instance, if it has already been restored in previous years. If you are passionate about art and are looking to expand your horizon with a side business as an art investor, then you can get some art valuation for the pieces you have already collected and those you are interested in adding to your collection.

Benefits of Having a Side Gig

Running a side job alongside your main job can be an excellent decision and a way of earning more income. You can do your side hustle for as long as you’re able to or for as long as you want, and you can also be certain that some side jobs are able to make you great money. It may not always be the easiest thing to do, and it will cost you to put in more time, hours, and effort, but in the long run, it is worthwhile. You may be able to save for a holiday each year, supplement your regular income, put money away as an investment, save for kids’ education, and lots more.

Some downside to running an extra side business is that you’ll be tired as all your free time would usually go into your second work. You will also possibly feel distracted at your main job because you’re also strategizing your additional work, and you might feel extra stress. For some people, the pros outweigh the cons, while others feel it’s too much. What you decide is all up to you whether or not having a side extra work is something you can commit to.

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