Your Bank Account is Levied, What Do You Do Next?

Waking up and seeing that your bank account is levied is not something anyone wants to wake up to. But, you may not know how to stop a levy on your bank account and you don’t know what to do if it ever happens. It is required by law that you are notified when your bank account is being levied by any creditor or bank institution.

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If you are not notified, you must seek legal help immediately.

If you actually do owe money to a creditor, the best option might not be able to defend yourself in a lawsuit. Since you do owe them money, this lawsuit may not turn out in your favor. You should speak with a bank attorney who can discuss better options for you and how you can try and sort this entire situation. Finding legal help is always a great asset when you are in this kind of trouble, so don’t hesitate to contact a local bank attorney for help if you find your bank account has been levied. Watch the entire video to see what else this expert has advice on when you find your bank account levied.


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