Would Outsourcing Small Business Payroll Services Save You TIme?

How to pay your employees

The new gymnastics center was ready on the scheduled date. On May 1, 2016, your family owned business started offering classes at a second building. Located nearly 15 miles from the site of the first building, you anticipated that the new center would serve an entire new group of children. You anticipated that expanding the number of gymnastics classes that you offer just a little more than three months before the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio would be perfect timing.
Unfortunately, you had not anticipated just how good the timing would be.
The first two weeks went pretty smoothly. You had enough enrollment to get all of the classes started. The lower numbers those first two weeks allowed the coaches a chance to work out the kinks of being in a new location. With the smallest preschool classes in the back gym and the older recreational teams in the large front gym, you pretty well orchestrated the rotations and the schedules so that you could make the best use of all of the new equipment. the installed air conditioning at the new building was a bonus that was already paying off as the first two weeks you were open were really hot days. Almost as if summer had arrived early.
By week three you were struggling to stay caught up. As word got out that you had opened the new location more and more families started calling about signing their young sons and daughters up for beginning classes. The school district closest to the gym ends their classes nearly a week before the school district by the location of your first gym and this may be what caused all of the chaos. By the beginning of the fourth week you were scrambling to find enough coaches while you waited for the college students to return and get you up to full staff. Things were so hectic, in fact, that you found yourself coaching and filling in to train the newest hired coaches.
Before you knew it, it was time for the second payroll at the new building. How did that happen so fast? The first payroll was easy. Just a few employees when you started. By the second payroll, however, you found yourself up for three nights straight trying to work out payroll deduction tables, processing W-2 forms, and, most importantly, cutting the checks. You knew that on time paychecks would be the best motivators for the new staff, some of them who were working their first jobs.
Payroll Service Providers Can Help Small Businesses Manage Entire Systems
The best payroll service provider can make quick work of a complete staff of both part time and full time employees. While payroll laws and regulations may seem easy for business owners who only have one location and a few employees, growing small businesses often decide that contracting with a payroll service provider makes good sense. In fact, realizing the benefits of working with a payroll service provider will help you see just how easy the decision to outsource may be:

  • By outsourcing, a small business only has one single report to generate and one payment to make. Everything else is completed by the contracted company.
  • A payroll processing company can also provide necessary human relations (HR) services. For example, A payroll processing company can also provide guidance and expertise when dealing with sensitive employment issues.
  • Payroll services for small companies means that the owner can be on the floor with both employees and customers. Hidden away in an office behind a desk trying to manage payroll means that you are not meeting and getting to know your customers. You also are not able to supervise and train your own employees.
  • Accounting and tax preparation can be especially difficult for small business owners, who may have little experience with financial record keeping. End of the year tax forms may be extra time consuming.

Workers expect on time paychecks that are accurately prepared. The decision by a small business owner to outsource payroll duties is a decision to focus on what that owner knows best. Times spent with a payroll calculator is time spent away from the heart and soul of your business, caring for both employees and customers.

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