What Are Bookkeeping Services?

The video talks about bookkeeping services and what they are. A small business owner might need help with some of the operational and office tasks, and a bookkeeper might be just what that person needs.

Some tasks of a bookkeeper include recording cash receipts and performing limited accounts payable and accounts receivable services.

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These light bookkeeper services will usually not involve account reconciliations and financial statement preparation. However, someone who is a full-charge bookkeeper would provide all of those additional services for the client. Full-charge bookkeepers are independent workers. They are not employees, and they do not have to work every day for the business. Full-charge bookkeepers may not be responsible for payroll taxes, either. However, full-charge bookkeepers are usually responsible for preparing the business’s financial statements. Those financial statements can be quite cumbersome and lengthy.

An independent bookkeeper may be best for a business because of that person’s invested interest. Bookkeeping employees may not have that same level of interest in looking out for the company the same way an independent person would.

A bookkeeper can work one of many types of schedules. This person can work monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the needs of the business.

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