Try These Tips for Fundraiding for Patient Advocacy Groups

As the founder, executive director, or fundraising director of a patient advocacy group, getting creative in your efforts for fundraising for patient advocacy groups can produce great results and get the name of your organization out there in ways that traditional fundraising methods might not. When you’re passionate about your patient advocacy group’s mission, it can feel like everyone should donate to your cause without you having to put forth the effort it takes to make meaningful fundraising events. Although fundraising can be an expensive investment into your organization’s future, non-profits have found ways to cut costs and overhead by moving events to virtual spaces according to the video “8 Nonprofit Fundraiser Ideas for 2023!”

If you’ve exhausted all of your connections for finding new grants and funding opportunities, it may be time to think outside the box to fundraise for your organization that specializes in patient advocacy. When your patient advocacy group focuses on a specific cause or set of causes, one great idea for a fundraiser might be hosting a script reading with local actors or even celebrities with values and experiences that align with your mission.

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You can also host a book club that features the work of an author who agrees to give your organization a commission from sales of the book.

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