The Four Best Services Your Certified Financial Advisor Can Provide

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Hiring a certified financial advisor to provide counsel and advice for one’s finances is becoming more and more popular. Most people who seek a financial advisor do so for help with building their investment portfolio or with saving up for retirement.

And while working with your financial advisor on investing and saving for retirement are two great things, there are also a number of other services your financial advisor can provide that you might not know about.

Take a look at four other ways your certified financial advisor can help optimize your finances:

1. Tax planning: Most people dread the start of “tax season” each year — with all the paperwork and effort one has to spend on filing their taxes, it’s never fun. However, your financial advisor can pretty much file your taxes for you. And as you reach retirement age, it’s a good idea to ask your financial advisor about tax planning to help minimize the amount of taxes you’ll have to pay throughout your retirement.

2. Wealth transfer: No matter the reason, sometimes you may need to transfer large amounts of funds to other people. And to make sure you get the most tax-efficient outcome with your wealth transfer, it’s always a good idea to consult with your certified financial advisor for assistance.

3. Asset protection: Asset protection is also known as debtor-creditor law — and if you need to protect your assets during a lawsuit or other legal case, you should seek help from your certified financial advisor to make sure your financial assets

4. Charitable giving: If you have the means to do so, it’s important to make sure you give some of your income to philanthropic causes. Certified financial advisors will know all the latest trends in charitable giving — so if you’re not sure which cause you’d like to donate to, your financial advisor can help.

Whether you want to achieve short-term financial literacy or have long-term goals in mind, you can be assured that your certified financial advisor will have plenty of services, tools and strategies available to help you reach your goals. To see more, read this:

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