The Best Way to Buy an Engagement Ring

The video gives a very detailed explanation of the top 10 don’ts for someone who wants to buy an engagement ring. Buying a ring without doing one’s homework is a bad move that can leave the person’s mate unhappy and possibly ruin the relationship.

One tip the speaker gives is to not ever buy a diamond ring that does not come with the certification.

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The risk that the diamond is not real is too high in a situation such as this. The speaker compares buying a diamond without the certification to buying a car without the CarFax or the title. It’s something that no person should ever do.

Another helpful tip is not to ever buy a diamond ring in a large corporate store. He mentions that the markup in these stores is around $300, but it can be as high as $1,000. Buying at smaller stores or buying online is a less expensive alternative.

The speaker also says not to chase carat numbers. Staying at .7 or .9 is a good idea for saving money while still getting excellent quality in the diamond. The buyer should never settle for an average-looking diamond, either. This person has only one chance to impress the fiance. Therefore, it’s important to go for the highest quality.

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