Small Budget Home Renovation Ideas

Occasionally, every person wants to renovate their houses by changing furniture, installing blinds and curtains, repainting, and other activities to enhance the house’s attractiveness and make it more comfortable. Shade installations are some of the exciting parts of the renovation as it seeks to change the window treatment. A window shade is a fabric that covers the window that is rolled up to allow visibility or light to get into a room. Shades could be rolled automatically through a motorized system or manually. Apart from freshening up the bedroom, there are plenty more things to consider while renovating a home. Several of these suggestions include upgrading the finishes, changing wall colors, and replacing the furnishings.

Bedroom blind ideas

Blinds are considered the best inexpensive window treatments purchased from the best blind store that offers quality products and customized services. One can consider four types of lines: the wooden Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, and duette blinds. All these blinds differ in how they roll when opening or closing.

Some other bedroom window dressing ideas are the use of curtains which come in different shades and stretches. However, curtains are less durable as compared to blinds and shades.

If you want to do some upgrades to your home, but you do not have a large budget, there are quite a few projects you can take on that will not break the bank and give your home a facelift that you are looking for. Anything from kitchen and bathroom to flooring or roof, these custom construction services are ideal. Know what your small projects are that you can tackle in these rooms and maybe what you should tackle first over time so that you end up with a full renovation on a small budget using these small budget home renovation ideas. Make sure you take advantage of all of your resources when you complete your projects, recycling furniture and repurposing materials to save on costs so that you can do more with the money that you do have.

Kitchen Renovations

The room that takes on the most small budget home renovations is often the kitchen. The number of projects and options you have in your kitchen renovations is endless.

  • A fresh coat of paint on walls and/or cabinets
  • Create a backsplash
  • Accent Wall
  • DIY Floors
  • Chair covers
  • Staining your kitchen table

When you are looking at small budget home renovations, get yourself a gallon of fresh paint for your walls to liven up the area. You can change the entire tone of your kitchen with fresh paint. If you want, you can even add another color to your cabinets, moving from a more homey feel to a contemporary look. Feel free to take this paint and go back in time, giving your home a more retro or vintage look if you want to appeal to the era when your home was built.

At your local home store, you can find different patterns of the backsplash to put on your kitchen wall. Use it to break up the monotonous theme and give your kitchen another splash of color and uniqueness. You can choose from a tile-like material for your backsplash or you can even go as far as choosing a rock and granite option. Your backsplash gives you a textural option to consider also when you are making a custom building.

Add an accent wall in your kitchen if you are not a fan of backsplash. You can add a design to this wall or offset the kitchen with a wall that is a different color. These accent walls are now in style and one of the more popular options for small-budget renovations.

If you are looking to change the floors in your kitchen, there are a few different material and color options where you can do it yourself. Make sure to measure out how much flooring you need and determine what type of material you are using. Vinyl and laminate are flooring options that are much more affordable than tile.

Upgrade the furniture in your kitchen by staining your table to get a more rustic vibe. If you want it to appear more retro or contemporary, depending on the style of your kitchen, you can easily paint your table and chairs to give them an equal facelift to your walls.

Feel free to decorate on a small budget home renovation with chair covers, cushions, and tablecloths that are interchangeable and affordable. You do not have to put a lot of money into your kitchen to renovate it and get the look that you are striving for in your home.

Bathroom Renovation Projects

Some of the best small budget home renovation services are found in your bathroom. Depending on the age of your home, you could be battling odd-colored tile that is fifty years old or has a vanity that is not big enough for your family. Below are the most common bathroom renovation projects for small budgets.

  • Upgrade Your Vanity
  • Put down new flooring
  • Update the paint in your bathroom or add modern wallpaper
  • Add a cabinet for wall storage
  • Change out your hardware

One of the best small budget home renovation projects you can do if you are not happy with the vanity in your bathroom is to upgrade it with a new paint or stain job. If it is just not functional for your family, you can easily replace it with a new vanity or repurposed piece of furniture to give you the storage you need.

If you do not have quality floors or want to make a changed tile a good option for your bathroom. In an area where there is a lot of water, you need to make sure that you have something that can sustain this environment. There are some optional waterproof vinyl flooring options available if your budget is really tight. No matter which material you use, go for the durable and waterproof option that will help you achieve the look you are going for in your bathroom.

Your walls in your bathroom can get some love for a small amount. Choose a spectacular painted color that will give a new personality to your bathroom, or go with modern patterned wallpaper. If you choose wallpaper, make sure that any wallpaper that was already on your bathroom walls has been removed and is ready to be reapplied.

Is your bathroom lacking storage, but also short on places to put storage? Consider adding a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, as their storage ability is trending again. If you already have a medicine cabinet and still need storage, consider adding some shelves along with your bathroom and small cabinets that are easy to access without crowding up the floor of your bathroom. If you do have space for floor storage, consider getting a larger vanity that will house some storage components. Cabinets that fit around your toilet are also ideal for adding additional storage to meet your needs.

Basement Renovation

If you are looking to do a basement renovation, there are several small budget home renovation options that you can do to make your basement complete First you need to know what you are doing in terms of using your basement. If you plan to use it as an additional bedroom or an income property, your projects may differ.

  • Complete the flooring
  • Insulate The Walls
  • Add Faux Fireplaces
  • Small Bathroom Addition
  • Wall Separators to divide the room
  • Shiplap options

The flooring for your basement must be completed first so that you are protecting your investment in the area. Because this area is going to either be laundry, kid area, or a separate living area, you want to make sure that you have flooring that can accommodate a wet area and high levels of water. Just like your home upstairs, you want to add in waterproof options and tile where there will be high levels of water. If you are adding bedrooms to the space, you can include carpet in one of the areas for comfort reasons.

If the walls are unfinished in your basement, you want to go in and insulate them and then add sheetrock later as a small budget home renovation project. With small budgets, you will need to do these projects in stages, making sure that you are not skimping on this step, however. It is critical to how much you plan to use and how to use your basement.

Add furniture that is refinished to your basement so that you can elevate the area. In order to give it that warm and homely touch, pieces such as faux fireplaces can supply heat without actually burning a fire. It is much more affordable and has no maintenance, fits easily into your budget.

Adding an additional bathroom may be on your list, especially since you are finishing the area and using the space. If it is just going to be a play area or craft room, you can save on your budget by adding just a half bath with a toilet and a sink. If you are going for the living quarters, consider a stand-up shower in place of a tub so accommodate a lower budget.

Because basements are all one large space, you can find cheap and affordable wall separators to break up the space and get multiple uses outside of the space. These separators do not need to reach the ceiling, they just need to be able to keep others out. These walls can be customized in colors or even cute accents such as shiplap to break up the area and give it a fresh look.

Roof Installations

If you have an older house, you may be looking to have new roof installations put on but have a small budget. In this case, you can slowly start replacing the shingles on your roof in small groups until you have covered the entire top of your home. You want to make sure that if there are any holes or areas with water damage, they are repaired first, and then the new shingles are applied later By doing this in groups, you would be able to repair your roof over time, saving money on your budget and keeping it operational.

If you are looking to change the type of roof you have, a small budget home renovation option is to consider a tin roof for your home. It costs a fraction of the amount of a traditional roof but can last just as long. It is a much more affordable option that many homeowners have considered because of the benefits that it offers. You can also get this roof in a few different colors allowing you to adjust the look of your home externally.

Siding Contractor Options

One of the biggest trends in small budget home renovation services is the change in siding for your home. Depending on what type of siding you currently have, you can choose from different textures and even different colors for your preference. In order to save the most money, you want to consider your vinyl options, as they are durable and pair well on homes that may have different sidings. Vinyl can also be colored to match any wood that you have in your home.

When you start to change out the siding on your home, you want your siding contractor to start with either the front or the back, and change out one section on the home, much like you would if you were doing your roof. With homes that have multiple options for siding, you may want to replace just certain areas of your home, so do one section at once until the renovation is complete.

New swimming pool construction

Now that you have had your home for a while, it is time to upgrade the backyard and one of the best ways is to bring in a new swimming pool construction. While below ground swimming pools are some of the more expensive, you can get above ground pulls to renovate your property at a discounted cost. Once you have purchased your affordable swimming pool, take advantage of adding a deck and fencing around it to ensure safety and meet any code requirements. You can save a bundle by installing the fence yourself and customizing it to match your home.

When you add a pool to your home, new swimming pool construction means that there is new plumbing to consider and also landscaping. With a few bright shrubs, some mulch and landscaping fencing, you can tackle this small project at a reduced cost.

Moving forward with your Home Remodeling

Knowing what projects to tackle first and how they will affect your budget is something to keep in mind. Depending on the materials and the amount of time it will take to complete the project, you need to manage these home remodeling projects efficiently to get the end result. Start with the projects that are small, but also essential. Flooring in any room should probably be first so that you are not causing damage to your walls later when you are adding them after the fact. You also want to know what theme you are going with and what will work the best for you. Keep in mind that all of these projects do not need to be completed at once and those who have a small budget will take much longer to get there.

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