Outsourced Payroll Providers Ideal For Small Businesses

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For small businesses — that is, businesses with 50 employees or less — payroll can be frustrating to handle. In fact, for those small business owners who know next-to-nothing about accounting and tax procedures, it can be downright detrimental. Employees paid by payroll services sometimes take for granted just how tedious and complicated payroll calculations and administration can be. Payroll rules and regulations vary as much as they matter. Canadian payroll laws, for example, have 190 regulations on the books. Anyone unfamiliar with them — all 190 of them — might find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared when dealing with payroll, which is why small business owners are encouraged to hire outsourced payroll providers for their payroll and human resourcing needs, at least according to 85% of all certified public accountants.

Outside payroll providers, especially online payroll providers, offer a quick, convenient yet comprehensive method of processing payroll. These special companies specialize in the accounting and human resourcing skills needed for proper payroll calculations. From filling out required tax forms and calculating income for each employee to handling health insurance procedures and totaling hours, payroll services offer a lifesaver for business owners that happen to be fledgling accountants.

One unique feature that many payroll companies offer is an online portal for both employees and employers to use. Online portals can provide everything from scheduling information to digital pay-stubs and paid time off (PTO) allowances. Considering most people use the Internet in their day-to-day lives, online portals for payroll services are an excellent and contemporary way of handling payroll considerations.

No matter what the motivation is for hiring outsourced payroll services, small business owners across the country are taking full advantage of them. Consider third-party payroll providers for your HR needs!

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