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How to invest in REITs. First and foremost, what are REITs? REITs are real estate investment trust. REITs are companies that own and in some cases work on real estate that produces income. A few REITs are involved in real estate financing. REITs own several types of commercial real estate including hotels, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centers, timberlands, and office and apartment buildings. The structure of REITs was made to offer a real estate investment alike the structure that mutual funds can offer for investing in stocks. So how to invest in REITs. Let us get a little more information about REITs first.

REITs may be privately or publicly held. Public REITs can be recorded on the public stock exchanges. REITs can be listed as mortgage, equity, or hybrid. The main statistics to examine in a REIT are adjusted funds from operations (AFFO), net asset value (NAV), and funds from operations (FFO). From 2008 to 2011, REITs faced a challenge due to the slowing of the United States economy. Due to the late 2000s financial crisis, share values decreased 40% to 70% in certain cases. These are some ways in how to invest in REITs.

How to invest in REITs. One way is through Brian L. Katz. He has over 25 years of skill and knowledge in the real estate industry and is highly qualified to serve his clients with the best possible advice. Acquired by the American Real Estate Partners, Brian Katz was involved in financing, acquiring, and maintaining over approximately $1.8 billion in office, industrial and residential, and flex assets. When you invest in commercial real estate is it incredible imperative that you have a professional that can help you manage the inflow and outflow of your profits accordingly. This is how to invest in REITs.

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