Empowered Women and Money That Lasts

Financial health

It can sometimes feel like there is a lot to try and navigate in life. Between a job, finances, a home or apartment, maybe family or pets, hobbies, and more, it is not surprising that the majority of individuals feel a great burden of stress these days. And society is not exactly set up to relieve that stress. In fact most people attempt to suffer in silence because there is some sort of bizarre stigma on discussing feelings of stress or being overwhelmed, even though it is something that most people experience.

Women and money

So how do we go about breaking the cycle? How do we move forward on our paths rather than feel stuck in one place or even dragged backward by the overwhelming stress and overloaded plates that we seem to think are necessary to heap for ourselves? By breaking down the workload and getting some help dealing with the individual issues that add up to be too much.

Just one of those issues, that often proves to be the heaviest, is handling finances. Money coaching for women can be a powerful way to find out what other women like you deal with and struggle to balance. Like with any other difficult obstacle, it can often help to know that you are not alone. Others are facing what you are facing, and others before you have learned to overcome it. It is possible for you to do so as well. Before long you will be able to lead and empower other women and money resolutions as well.

Creating a budget to become more financially aware

There are plenty of women who are in the same boat as you. You work tirelessly toward your goals. You plan, and organize, and do your best to stay focused. But sometimes it still isn’t enough. There are seemingly endless additional pressures and responsibilities being stacked on your shoulders, and sometimes you just need a little help.

There are a few unfortunate truths and trends when it comes to women and money. One survey directed toward women considered to be in the millennial generation showed that over one fourth of the respondents said that they felt high levels of stress regarding money, and they have these feelings on a daily basis. Another 56% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 admit that they are not saving for retirement, likely because they do not feel they can currently afford to. Or perhaps it is because they do not feel they would know where to begin the process. About 55% of middle class women said in one survey that they did not possess the financial knowledge necessary to manage their finances properly.

Making a change for yourself and for the world

Over 66% of people across the country have trouble sleeping at night because thoughts of their finances keep them awake. It seems that with such a high number, we as a society would make it more of a priority to alleviate those stresses by making some major changes. We have quite a bit of work to do before we reach an ideal society of financial responsibility and soundness.

Until then, by getting quality financial counseling from understanding individuals, you can begin to more clearly identify your goals and hone your budgeting skills, relieving some of that stress that has plagued you for too long.

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