Commercial real estate facts

Douglas e fleit

Commercial real estate is a very exciting and profitable area of the field of real estate. Whether you work in commercial real estate or whether you are an investor, you become a part of an industry where profit and integrity comes hand in hand. Some of the most successful real estate professionals, such as CEO and co founder of American Real Estate Partners, Douglast E. Fleit have become successful over the years because of hard work, honesty and integrity. Expertise of course comes into play but if you ask Douglas Fleit he will tell you that you can acquire expertise but honesty and integrity must come from yourself. He will also tell you that they are as important as expertise if you want to be successful in the field of real estate. Douglas E Fleit knows what he is talking about. American Real Estate Partners boasts of successful investments of up to $1.6 billion since 2003.

There are actually different types of commercial real estate. They are classified into office, industrial, retail and apartments. Office commercial real estate includes high rise and low rise offices, medical offices, professional office and condominium offices. Industrial real estate includes warehouse, distribution centers, factories, manufacturing plants and facilities and research and development. Retail commercial real estates are free standing stores, strip centers, shopping malls and store and distribution outlets. Apartments are apartment complex. Aside from these, there are also the commercial properties, such as hotels, schools, nursing homes and churches. Lastly, land is also considered as commercial real estate when it is developed for commercial use. The good thing about commercial real estate is that almost all types of real estate properties can be used for commercial use, hence they are converted into commercial real estate. For example, homes can be rented out. This type of income potential is applicable to other real estate properties.

There are three types of commercial real estate clients, the users, the developers and the investors. The users are the end users of the property. They are the occupants and it is on the particular property where they will have their business. The developers are those who bought the land and developed it into commercial properties. The developers for example will buy the land and construct buildings. The investors are those that invested money on the property. They are profit driven and are mainly concerned with the profit they will gain from the property where they invested. Whether you are a user, developer or investor, the most important thing about commercial real estate is to know more about real estate and to research on the properties you are interested on. Developers for example must know the market in the land that they wish to develop. Investors on the other hand must know more about the value of their investment, both long term and short term.

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