One Possible Reason Your Pharmacy’s POS System Is Being Difficult

If you own a small pharmacy, and you feel like your POS system isn’t cooperating like it should be, but you aren’t exactly the most tech-savvy person (and really, why would you be? You own a pharmacy, not a website development company) — it’s pretty common to feel frustrated with the equipment and to not … Read more

Why Real-Life Pharmacies Will Never Be Replaced By Online Services

It’s happening in almost every industry these days: as the world becomes more dependent on the internet and begins to expect instant gratification 24/7, the businesses that have been around for years start being replaced with internet-savvy businesses. For example, who wants to wait around for a prescription to be filled when online pharmacies can … Read more

Five Reasons Why a Pharmacy’s Success Depends on Its Inventory Management

Everyone knows that a pharmacy has to stay on top of its prescription drug inventories, but there’s another aspect of product inventory that is often forgotten: the task of keeping non-prescription items stocked and available at low costs. This task is usually easy enough for big pharmacies that function as part of a larger chain … Read more