Cash for Annuity Now, The Simple and Quick Settlement Option

Settlement recipients

Lawsuit or insurance settlements for large amounts can be very exciting, until you realize how the payout structure works. Almost all large sum payouts are stretched overtime instead of you being able to see your money right away. If you are looking to make a house purchase, get a luxury car, pay off debt, or go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, then you want cash for annuity now.

What is “Cash for Annuity Now”?

It is you getting your cash right away in a timely fashion by working with a company that will purchase your structured settlement. There is no catch with this option, simply, instead of getting your money over a structured period of time, you get a check that you can cash right away. It is one of the best options if you need to eliminate debt, need extra cash, want to make a large purchase, or if you are just looking for a quick cash option.

If one of the following statistics sounds like you, and you have just received or your are about to receive a large settlement, then cash for annuity now can be a perfect opportunity for you.

  • Over 40% of Americans spend more than their income allows.
  • An average home in the U.S. has at least 10 different payment methods that are cards.
  • 25% of Americans have medical bills are more than their savings account.
  • Average student loan pay back amounts for this past year?s graduates are at least $35,000.
  • 76% of people in the U.S. are unable to save from their paychecks and barely get by from one pay period to the next one.

Even if one of those stats wasn’t an exact fit for you, but feels very close, this type of settlement will give you the freedom to push away from day to day struggles and allow you to invest in something nice for yourself. While there are financial practical things to spend a large sum of money on, like debt or loan payoffs, it is also okay to think about getting yourself, your family, or someone you love an upscale gift. A new house would be a great investment, seeing the world is priceless, or helping a family member go to college is a gift for a lifetime. When you are thinking of settlement options, think of cash for annuity now.

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