Structured Settlements Is It Wise to Sell

There are many reasons you could find yourself receiving a structured settlement. A structured settlement is a course of payments over a period rather than a lump sum of money. A structured settlement annuity could be the result of a employee lawsuit, malpractice lawsuit or a lottery winning. Medical malpractice lawsuits paid an average of … Read more

Thinking About Buying Commercial Real Estate?

What real estate options have you been considering? Are you trying to start a new business or expand an already existing one? Whatever your goal for the future is, American real estate partners are there to help your decision be a long-lasting and successful one. There’s no need to dive into a financial commitment without … Read more

Cash for Annuity Now, The Simple and Quick Settlement Option

Lawsuit or insurance settlements for large amounts can be very exciting, until you realize how the payout structure works. Almost all large sum payouts are stretched overtime instead of you being able to see your money right away. If you are looking to make a house purchase, get a luxury car, pay off debt, or … Read more

Investing in Real Estate — Real Estate Investment Firms and What They Do

If you are looking to maximize your wealth through shrewd investments, there are a number of options always available, each with their own share of risks and rewards. One market that has of late been the cause for particular interest from investors is the booming real estate market. Investing in real estate can be rewarding, … Read more

Selling Your Structured Settlement Get The Cash You Need Now

Many people prefer to received cash for structured settlement payments such as annuities, lottery winnings and legal awards. And 92% of those who do so are confident that they made the right decision. The advantage of selling a structured settlement is that you free up funds for immediate use instead of having to take them … Read more

What Selling a Structured Settlement Means

Whether you are a Mega Millions lottery winner, the recipient of an insurance payout or have won a legal settlement, in most cases your windfall will not pay out immediately. Most such payments are made as a structured settlement annuity, paid in monthly portions with or without a lump sum upfront. This means you have … Read more

3 Common Questions on Real Estate Investments

With an industry worth of $945 billion USD in America alone according to IBIS World research, the real estate industry is absolutely huge. There is a lot of money to be made in this field when your investments are carefully analyzed and planned. Commercial real estate, for example, is property that is only used for … Read more

The Secret to Succeeding in the Business World

The business world has changed drastically over the past few decades as more small businesses are springing up around the globe. There are approximately 543,000 new businesses that start up every month, yet around 25% of businesses fail after just their first year. A survey from 2013 and 2014 looked at 14,405,210 businesses: 0.7% of … Read more

An Overview of Using Pre Settlement Loan Funding

Often times, when you file a lawsuit, the damages incurred were so great that you struggle to get by financially. Maybe a car wreck caused injuries so great that you can’t work anymore. Maybe you lost your job for unfair reasons, and have no way to pay the bills now. In this situation, you may … Read more